• Associate Professor of German
Phone: 609-258-4146
Office: 221 East Pyne Building
  • Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., Professor in Language, Literature, and Civilization of Spain. Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures. Director, Program in Latin American Studies.
Phone: 609-258-7759
Office: 337 East Pyne
  • Robert Schirmer Professor of English.
Phone: 609-258-4072
Office: 45 McCosh Hall
  • Henry Putnam University Professor of History.
Phone: 609-258-4182
Office: 126 Dickinson Hall
  • William Sauter LaPorte '28 Professor in Regional Studies. Acting Director 2014-15, Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication
Phone: 609-258-7202
Office: 113 East Pyne
  • Arthur W. Marks '19 Professor of Comparative Literature and the Council of the Humanities. Professor of Comparative Literature.
Phone: 609-258-2878
Office: 103 East Pyne