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Friday, October 23
Aaron Burr Hall, Room 219
1:30-2:00 Opening remarks
Irina Simova, Sheera Talpaz, Jennifer Huang
Eileen Reeves


Keynote address
Rei Terada, “Historical Transition and Transition as Such”
3:30-4:00   Coffee break
4:00-6:00 Panel I, Other Lives: Narrative Revisions of Time
John Whittier-Ferguson, "Stop-Time: History and the Fictions of Ford Madox Ford"
Sarah Chihaya, "Death After Death: Revisiting Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life"
Craig Eklund, "The Possibilities of History in Ulysses"
Sandra Bermann, "Temporal Imagining in Rene Char's Poetry"
  Elspeth Green, Chair 
Michael Wood, Respondent
6:00-8:00 Dinner
  Saturday, October 24
9:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:00  Panel II, Politics &/of Subjectivity in Hebrew & Arabic Narratives (Aaron Burr 219)
Hannan Hever, “The Politics of the Hasidic Tale”
Sara Pursley, “Familiar Futures: Sex, Time, and Decolonization in the Writings of Iraqi Sociologist
`Ali al-Wardi”
Alexandra Chreiteh, “Magical Realism in Arabic and Hebrew and the Political Aesthetics of Becoming”
  Brahim El Guabli, Chair
Lital Levy, Respondent
12:00-1:30    Lunch


Panel III, Phenomenology of Time(s): History and Experience (Aaron Burr 219)
Karen Feldman, "Arts of Connection: On Epochal Phenomenology"
Dominik Zechner, “On Screwing up in Dying: Kafka’s Anahistory”
Michael Jennings, “Biography as (Cultural) History”
  Antonio Iannarone, Chair
Stanley Corngold, Respondent
3:30-4:00    Coffee break


Round table (Aaron Burr 219)
John Whittier-Ferguson, Chair
Claudia Brodsky, Response to keynote address
Closing remarks
5:30-7:30 Dinner