African Studies

  • Kiswahili Novel

    Although the novel is the youngest genre in the Swahili critical tradition, it has experienced some of the most revolutionary and innovative experimentations since it gained mainstream prominence in Swahili literature, mainly during the post-colonial/independence literary revolution. This course is a reading of the Kiswahili novel with a critical analysis of the socio-political and critical trends in the literary world that have influenced the writings of contemporary Swahili novelists.
  • East African Drama in Kiswahili

    This course examines the genre of drama and performance in the literary tradition of the Swahili speaking communities of East Africa. It will focus on modern dramatic texts written in Kiswahili and the theatrical, critical, and socio-political contexts that inform the main trends of contemporary theatre and performance arts in Kiswahili.
  • Readings in Kiswahili Literature and East African Culture

    This advanced Kiswahili course will help students gain a higher level of language proficiency by applying grammatical skills learned in Elementary and Intermediate Kiswahili to topics addressing the language and culture of the Swahili speakers in East Africa. Coursework will focus on readings, writings, and oral performance activities on selected issues related to the history, geography, politics, language, literature, and cultural practices of the people of Kenya, Tanzania, and other Swahili speaking regions of Eastern Africa.
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