Art and Archaeology

  • Michelangelo

    A broadly based view of the artist's career, principally as seen through the writings of his first and most articulate fan, Giorgio Vasari, whose Lives of the Artists remains the founding classic of Art History. We will consider a wide range of works ranging within the complete Michelangelo corpus, including sculpture, painting, and architecture. Along the way, we will read Vasari carefully and compare what we see with what he saw; we will also have occasion to talk about what it means to read words about pictures.

  • Object and Text in Premodern Japan

    This seminar examines the dynamic interrelationship between objects and texts in premodern Japan, from the seventh through the seventeenth centuries. The series of meetings will introduce topics in a sequence that exemplifies the gradual layering of meaning and complication that comes from a culture with a strong classical awareness.

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