Latin American Studies

  • Journalism, Politics, and Power in Latin America

    Journalism has played an outsized role in Latin America's political and cultural life, whether as a form of witnessing, an instrument of analysis or a tool for resistance and revolt. This course will look at work from across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, exploring different approaches writers have taken, and highlighting a series of recurrent themes, foremost among them journalism's tangled relationship with power. We will mainly focus on print, but will also deal with film, TV, and photography.
  • Displaying Latin America

    Exhibitions are central to the history of architecture. The modern architecture of Latin America made its international debut with several national pavilions in the 1939 New York World's Fair, the most famous being that of Brazil, as part of cultural and economic policies that addressed the need to be part of a modern world. This seminar studies multiple sites and strategies of displaying Latin America through architecture.

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