Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Courses

Fall '21

Language, Identity, Power
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Risorgimento, Opera, Film
Looking for the Beast: Animals as Spectacle in Literature, Film, and Culture
Translation, Migration, Culture
Greek Tragedy: Oedipus: Tragedy, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis
Postwar Japanese Narrative: Modern to Postmodern
Selected Topics in Russian Literature and Culture: Crosscultural Links between Russian and American Literature & Culture
Contemporary Critical Theories: Marx's Capital: Reading Volume 2
Medieval Speech Acts
Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Love Gone Wrong
History of Emotions: Russia and the West
The Renaissance: The Early Modern 'I'
Topics in German Intellectual History: Hans Blumenberg and 20th Century Thought
Renaissance Drama: Tragedy: Theory and Practice, 1500-1700
Seminar in Golden-Age Literature: The Library, the Ruin and the Labyrinth in the Hispanic Baroque
Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations
Crafting Freedom: Women and Liberation in the Americas (1960s to the present)
France on Display: Shaping the Nation under the Third Republic, 1870-1940
Thinking Translation: Language Transfer and Cultural Communication
What is a Classic?
Chinese Cinemas
Literature and Medicine
Essayism: Trajectory of a Genre
Learning Shakespeare by Doing
Strange Korean Families
Photographic Modernisms: Russia and the West
Ocean Media: Islanding, Space, Modernity
Seminar in Romance Linguistics and/or Literary Theory: Levinas
Great Books from Little Languages
The Bible as Literature
The 'Other' in Cervantes
Translation and World Literature
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and the Environment
Writing the World: Nature, Science, and Literature in Early Modern Europe
Cities, Sea Level Rise and the Environmental Humanities
Metatheater, Then and Now
Comparative Literature Graduate Pedagogy Seminar: Radical Pedagogies
Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature
Cinema in Times of Pandemic: Research Film Studio
Introduction to Comparative Literature

Spring '22

Decentering/Recentering the Western Canon in the Contemporary American Theater
Acting, Being, Doing, and Making: Introduction to Performance Studies
Race, Space, and Place in Medieval Iberia
Culture and Feminist Struggle in Latin America and Spain
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace: Writing as Fighting
Existentialism: Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Beyond 
South Asian American Literature and Film
Indian Women's Writing: Issues and Perspectives 
Wonder and Discovery in Classical Arabic Literature
Arabian Nights
East Asian Humanities II: Traditions and Transformations
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Postcolonial Literature
Topics in German Intellectual History: Melancholia and Critique
Seminar in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature: Readings of Proust
The Future of Reading
Islands, Sea Level Rise and Environmental Humanities
Cities, Sea Level Rise and the Environmental Humanities
Criticism and Theory: Frantz Fanon: Writing and Resistance
Where are we? Maps, Travel, and Wonder
Holocaust Testimony
Korean Travel Narratives, 1100s-1930s
Dangerous Bodies: Cross-Dressing, Asia, Transgression
Fashion and East Asia
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Arabs, Jews, and Arab-Jews in Literature, History, and Culture
The Renaissance: The Early Modern 'I'
Contemporary Critical Theories: Novel Theories
Crafting Freedom: Women and Liberation in the Americas (1960s to the present)
Modern Hebrew Literature: A Historical Introduction
Literature and Religion: Christianity in Korean and Korean-American Novels and Films
Topics in Comparative Literature: Writing Lives
Poetries of Resistance
Imagining the Mediterranean In Literature and Film: Itineraries Traditions Ordeals
Learning Shakespeare by Doing
What is Socialism? Literature and Politics
Classic Texts in Prison Workshop
Christianity and Classical Culture