Fall 2019 Courses

Fall '19

The Literature of Medieval Europe
Criticism and Theory: The Criticism Co-Op
Russia in Color
Texts and Images of the Holocaust
Le Monde par la bande
Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Culture: Women in Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Language, Identity, Power
The Gothic Tradition
East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations
Translation, Migration and Culture
The Classical Roots of Western Literature
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
German Philosophy since Kant: Schopenhauer
The Modern European Novel
Modern Drama I
East European Literature and Politics
Storytelling as Self Defense: Political Novellas
Problems in Literary Study: Confessions
Topics in Russian Literature or Literary Theory: Authorship of the Body in the Anthropocene
Topics in Medieval Literature: Reading the Roman de la Rose
Beyond Crisis Contemporary Greece in Context
German Intellectual History: Labyrinths of Literature
Thinking Translation: Language Transfer and Cultural Communication
Studies in the Classical Tradition: Odysseys
Along the Edge: Leonora Carrington
Lyric Language and Form I: Renaissance to Romantic
Risorgimento, Opera, Film
Chinese Cinemas
Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil
Ocean Media: Islanding, Space, Modernity
The Novel and Romance
Comparative Literature Graduate Pedagogy Seminar
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium
Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature
Introduction to Comparative Literature