Spring 2024/Fall 2023 Courses

Spring '24

Acting, Being, Doing, and Making: Introduction to Performance Studies (LA)
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
Arts of Mimesis (LA)
Charged (En)counters: Poetics and Politics of the Hemispheric Americas (CD or LA)
Conflict and Culture (EM or LA)
Contemporary Critical Theories: Novel Theories
Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
Decadence: Empire, Sexuality, Aesthetics (LA)
East Asian Humanities II: Traditions and Transformations (EM)
Fantastic Fiction: Fairy Tales (LA)
Healing & Justice: The Virgin Mary in African Literature & Art (CD or LA)
How Does It Move?: Action and Moving Image in Modern Japanese Media (CD)
Latinx Shakespeares: Bilingual Responses to the Bard (CD or LA)
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace: Writing as Fighting (EM)
Literary and Cultural Theory: Decolonial Manifestos
Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence: Fiction, Technology, Storytelling (EC or LA)
Medical Humanities: Body Cultures in Literature and History (HA or LA)
Medieval Signs
Myth and Mythography in the Early Modern World (LA)
Performing Myth in Early Modern Europe (LA)
Problems in Literary Study: The Long and the Short: Romance, Sexuality and Power in Pre-Modernity
Race, Space, and Place in Medieval Iberia (LA)
Restaging and Rewriting The Greeks (LA)
Surrealism at One Hundred (LA)
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium
Topics in German Intellectual History: Ecological Marxisms
Topics in German Media Theory & History: The Modes of Documentary: Epistemic, Didactic, Aesthetic, Forensic
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Poetry, Performance, and the Public Sphere (LA)
Translation and World Literature
Translation, Migration, Culture (SA)
Women, Writing, Greece: From Sappho to Virginia Woolf and Beyond (CD or LA)

Fall '23

Translation and Rewriting in Latin(x) American Literature (LA)
Bodies & Belonging in Milton's Epic Tradition (CD or LA)
The Bible as Literature (LA)
Translating East Asia (CD or LA)
Script Theories: Korea, East Asia, and Beyond
Literary and Cultural Theory: Anti-Fascism
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium
Contemporary Critical Theories: Marx's Capital
Publishing Journal Articles in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Introduction to Comparative Literature
Topics in Literature and Philosophy: Probable Lives
Comparative Literature Graduate Pedagogy Seminar: Radical Pedagogies
The Art and Practice of Impersonality (EM or LA)
Lyric Language and Form I: Renaissance to Romantic (LA)
Topics in Literature and Ethics: Writing About Refugees (CD or EM)
Films about the Theater (LA)
The Hidden History of Hollywood - Research Film Studio (CD or LA)
The Gothic Tradition (LA)
Topics in Comparative Literature: Writing Lives (LA)
Modern Drama I (LA)
Great Books from Little Languages (CD or LA)
Literature and Photography (LA)
Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Jane Austen Then and Now (LA)
Risorgimento, Opera, Film (HA or LA)
The Literature of Medieval Europe (LA)
Topics in German Culture and Society: Taste (LA or SA)
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and the Environment (LA)
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Culture and Ethics (EM or LA)
Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature (LA)
Modern Chinese Poetry: Seeing Modern China through the Poetry Cloud (LA)
East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations (EM)
Revisiting Paris (HA)
Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
What is a Classic? (CD or LA)
Thinking Translation: Language Transfer and Cultural Communication (LA)