Spring 2018/Fall 2018 Courses

Spring '18

East Asian Humanities II: Traditions and Transformations  new
Problems in Literary Study: The Postcolonial Family Romance  new
Who Owns This Sentence? Copyright Culture from the Romantic Era to the Age of the Internet  new
Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace: Writing as Fighting  new
Manga: Visual Culture in Modern Japan  new
Cybernetics, Literary Ghosts and the Italian Way  new
Imaginary Worlds: Early Modern Science Fiction  new
Seminar in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature: Beckett  new
Poetries of Resistance  new
Vladimir Nabokov  new
Topics in Greek Literature: Plato and Aristotle on Poetry  new
Chinese Cinemas  new
Special Topics in the History of Philosophy: Nietzsche  new
Women and Liberation: Feminist Poetics and Politics in the Americas (1960s to the present)  new
German Intellectual History: Literature and Science from Kepler to Goethe  new
Class, Desire, and the Novel  new
Dangerous Bodies: Cross-Dressing, Asia, Transgression  new
Dreams and Nightmares in Hispanic Fiction and Film  new
Masterworks of European Literature  new
South Asian American Literature and Film  new
Modernism and Modernity: Documentary and the Discourse of Reality  new
Comparative Poetics of Passing: Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality  new
Korean Travel Narratives, 1100s-1930s  new
5 Ways of Reading Don Quixote
Learning Shakespeare by Doing  new
Philosophy and Literature: Western Thought and the Russian Dialogic Imagination  new
Topics in Non-Western and General Literature: Ideographs  new
Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory: Erich Auerbach and the Origin of Existential Realism  new
Contemporary Critical Theories: Marx's Capital  new
Love and Violence through Words: Modern Chinese Literature in the Age of Revolution  new
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Culture and Ethics  new
Literature and Medicine  new
Creative Writing (Literary Translation)  new
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium  new
Studies in Forms of Narrative: Jokes, Laughter, Comedy  new

Fall '18

Introduction to Comparative Literature
Literature and Society
Comparative Literature Graduate Pedagogy Seminar
Love, Death, and the Supernatural: Medieval Verbal and Visual Cultures
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium
Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature
German Media Theory: Rhetorics of Surveillance
"Modern" Poetry and Poetics: Baudelaire to the "Present"
The Nature of Reality in Medieval Arabic Literature
Postwar Japanese Narrative: Modern to Postmodern
A Cultural History of Nineteenth Century Europe through Wagner's Ring
Topics in German Culture and Society: Denial, Disavowal, and the Problem of Knowing
Agency, Persons, Aesthetics. Epistemologies of the Polis
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Persons, Selves, Fictions
Topics in Literature and Philosophy: Sentences
Translation, Migration and Culture
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Seminar in Romance Linguistics and/or Literary Theory: Literary Theory from Phenomenology to Post-Structuralism
Sex, Violence, Sacrilege in Enlightenment Fiction
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Popular Trends in South Asian Literature
Arabs, Jews, and Arab-Jews in Literature, History, and Culture
The Classical Roots of Western Literature
Criticism and Theory: Fredric Jameson
Stolen Years: Youth under the Nazis in World War II 
East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations
What is Passing? Cultural Encounters in Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality
Philosophy of Art: Aesthetic Values in Art and Life
Ideographs, Images and Emblems
Radical African Thought and Revolutionary Youth Culture
Special Studies in Modernism: Exilic Time
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and Cinema 
BANNED: The Paradox of Free Speech in Cinema
The Bible as Literature