Alonso Burgos Vazquez Mellado

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Research Interests: Contemporary Mexican Literature (since 2006), literature and violence, Critique of Modernity, representation of atrocities and cruelty, trauma and memory studies.

Languages: Spanish (native), German (fluent), English (fluent) and Russian (good command)

Alonso Burgos, originally from Mexico City, came to Princeton after doing his undergraduate studies in Comparative Literature and Political Science at the Free University of Berlin. His bachelor thesis dealt with the representation of violent death in contemporary Mexican literature, focusing on the novels Temporada de huracanes, by Fernanda Melchor and La fila india by Antonio Ortuño, published in 2017 and 2013 respectively. At Princeton, Alonso wants to continue looking at the relationship between contemporary Mexican literature and violence, mainly being guided by the question of how literature and the arts process, denounce, ignore or prosecute extreme violence and crime in societies where the institutions of the state fail to ensure accountability and justice. Besides the contemporary Mexican context, Alonso wants to include German critical theory and literature after World War II in his project to assess the way in which epistemological and aesthetic discourses and possibilities are defined by the immediate presence or absence of extreme violence.  In May of 2019, Alonso published his first book of short stories, Nada más que diablos.


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