Andrea Placidi

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Periods: Medieval and Early Modern

Languages: Latin, Italian, medieval French and Occitan, German, Spanish

Research interests: Reception of Antiquity; Romance Philology; Linguistics; Dante

Andrea Placidi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature specializing in medieval European literature. His interests include the reception of antiquity in medieval Latin and Romance literature, Dante, medieval theories of language, and the history of books. He is working on a study of multilingualism in medieval culture, and the reception of Dante’s On Vernacular Eloquence in the Renaissance. 

At Princeton, Placidi taught for TRA 200, the course required for the Certificate in Translation and Intercultural Communication, and COM 205, “The Classical Roots of Western Literature”, an introduction to Comparative Literature through readings of major works of European Literature. He also serves as editor for Italian and Latin submissions to Inventory, a journal of literary translation. 

Placidi received a B. A. in Romance Philology and Linguistics from the University of Rome La Sapienza, and an M. A. in Comparative Literature from Princeton. 



Joseph E. Croft *73 Fellowship, 2016

Erich Kahler Fellowship, 2015

Bayard Henry, Class of 1876 Graduate Fellowship Fund

PIIRS Summer Fellowship 2014, 2015

Mary Cross Award

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