Associated Faculty

Eduardo Cadava

  • Professor of English.
Phone: 609-258-4074
Office: 21 McCosh Hall

Bruno Carvalho

  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Bruno Carvalho's research and teaching interests range from the early modern period to the present, and include liter
Phone: 609-258-4514
Office: 343 East Pyne

Steven Chung

  • Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
Phone: 609-258-0917
Office: 205 Jones Hall

Devin Fore

  • Associate Professor of German
Fore’s first book Realism After Modernism
Phone: 609-258-4146
Email: dfore@Princeton.EDU
Office: 221 East Pyne Building

Ruben Gallo

  • Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., Professor in Language, Literature, and Civilization of Spain. Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures. Director, Program in Latin American Studies.
Rubén Gallo is the author of Mexican Modernity: the Avant-Garde and the Technological Revolution (MIT, 2005,
Phone: 609-258-7759
Office: 337 East Pyne

Simon Gikandi

  • Robert Schirmer Professor of English.
Simon Gikandi is Robert Schirmer Professor of English at Princeton University with affiliations in the Department of
Phone: 609-258-4072
Office: 45 McCosh Hall

Anthony Grafton

  • Henry Putnam University Professor of History.
Phone: 609-258-4182
Office: 126 Dickinson Hall

Brooke Holmes

  • Professor of Classics
My research explores the Greco-Roman roots of Western ideas about the physical body, the natural world, matter, and t
Phone: 609-258-3950
Office: 140 East Pyne Building

Jhumpa Lahiri

  • Professor of Creative Writing
Office: Lewis Center for the Arts, New South Building, Floor 6

Thomas Y. Levin

  • Associate Professor of German. Acting Co-Director, Program in Media and Modernity.
Thomas Y.
Phone: 609-258-1384
Office: 210 East Pyne

F. Nick Nesbitt

  • Professor of French and Italian
Nick Nesbitt received his PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures (French) with a Minor in Brazilian Portuguese from
Phone: 609-258-7186
Office: 362 East Pyne Building

Sara S. Poor

Phone: 609-258-7980
Office: 211 East Pyne

Efthymia Rentzou

  • Associate Professor of French and Italian
Effie Rentzou studies literature and its relation to other arts, with particular attention to the historical avant-ga
Phone: 609-258-7335
Office: 329 East Pyne

Michael Wachtel

  • Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures.
B.A. 1982 Yale University (Comparative Literature), Ph.D.
Phone: 609-258-0114
Office: 225 East Pyne