Darja Filippova




My practice is imprinted by the implosion of the USSR and molded in immigration across borders, media and languages. I work comparatively between Chinese and Russian contexts. My dissertation - titled, “The Indigestible Body - performative post-socialisms and the post-Cold War regime of representation”  -  focuses on post-socialist embodied art practices and Leftist imaginaries, with an attention to feminist deconstruction and  performance studies methodology. I have a BA from Smith College and MA degrees from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Central European University, Budapest. I am also a practicing artist, writer, mother and a founding member of the collectives Fabrika Kukhnya and Spaika.Media, groups dedicated to post-Soviet performance, art and activism. I teach in a maximum security prison in New Jersey. I am a citizen of Estonia. I live in NYC.


Select Publications:

Darja Filippova; A Sinner or a Criminal? The Judgment of Oleg Mavromatti under Article 282. Poetics Today, September 2020; 41 (3): 437–460

Dasha Filippova. Annihilation. The Point Magazine, Fall 2020; 223: 153-161 thepointmag.com/examined-life/annihilation/

Agitatsia. “Party of the Dead: Necroaesthetics and Transformation of Political Performativity in Russia During the Pandemic.” ARTMargins, 3 March 2021, https://artmargins.com/party-of-the-dead-necroaesthetics-and-transformation-of-political-performanity-in-russia-during-the-pandemic/