Emeritus Faculty

Victor Brombert

Phone: 609-258-4499
Email: brombert@princeton.edu
Office: 303 East Pyne

Stanley Corngold

Stanley Corngold

Stanley Corngold, a graduate of Columbia and Cornell Universities, has published widely on modern German writers and thinkers (e.g., Dilthey,...

Phone: 609-258-4137
Email: corngold@princeton.edu
Office: W28 Dillon Court West

Caryl Emerson

Caryl Emerson

For several decades my scholarly and teaching interests have been focused on the 19th century (Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Russian opera)...

Email: cemerson@princeton.edu

John Fleming

Phone: 609-258-1649
Email: jfleming@princeton.edu
Office: C-II-J Firestone Library

Robert Hollander

Born: 31 July 1933, Manhattan, New York City Married: 
Phone: 609-258-4715
Email: bobh@princeton.edu
Office: C-5-L1 Firestone Library

Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Office Hours Spring 2018: By appointment only

Phone: 609-258-6288
Email: mwood@princeton.edu

Froma Zeitlin

Froma Zeitlin

Periods: Ancient, 20th century

Languages: Greek, Latin, French, Hebrew

Phone: 609-258-3957
Email: fiz@princeton.edu
Office: 3-13-E-1 Firestone Library

Theodore Ziolkowski

Phone: 609-258-1385
Email: tjz@princeton.edu
Office: C4J2 Firestone Library

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