April Alliston

  • Professor of Comparative Literature
Phone: 609-258-4028
Email: alliston@princeton.edu
Office: 109 East Pyne

Leonard Barkan

  • Class of 1943 University Professor; Associate Member of the Departments of Art and Archaeology, Classics, and English
Phone: 609-258-7201
Email: lbarkan@princeton.edu
Office: 129 East Pyne

Wendy Laura Belcher

  • Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature and Department for African American Studies

Periods: early modern British and African literature

Languages: Gəˁəz, Amharic, French, Hausa,...

Phone: 609-258-1683
Email: wbelcher@princeton.edu
Office: 105 East Pyne

David Bellos

  • Professor of French and Italian and Comparative Literature. Director, Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication.

Phone: 609-258-4686
Email: dbellos@princeton.edu
Office: 330 East Pyne

Sandra Bermann

  • Cotsen Professor of the Humanities. Professor of Comparative Literature. Head of Whitman College.

Periods: Twentieth century, early modern period (especially lyric poetry)

Languages: French, Italian,...

Phone: 609-258-4265
Email: sandralb@princeton.edu
Office: 107 East Pyne

Claudia Brodsky

  • Professor of Comparative Literature

Office Hours Spring 2018: Academic Year Leave

Phone: 609-258-3250
Email: claudiab@princeton.edu
Office: 135 East Pyne

Marina Brownlee

  • Robert Schirmer Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature. Chair, Committee for Renaissance Studies.

Office Hours Spring 2018: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 -1:30 PM and by appointment


Phone: 609-258-7798
Email: msb@princeton.edu
Office: 342 East Pyne

Benjamin Conisbee Baer

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Periods: Modern and Contemporary

Languages: Bengali, German, French

Phone: 609-258-6127
Email: bencbaer@princeton.edu
Office: 104 East Pyne

Maria DiBattista

  • Professor of English and Comparative Literature. Chair, Committee for Film Studies.

Office Hours Spring 2018:  Academic Year Leave

Periods: twentieth century


Phone: 609-258-4081
Email: mariadib@princeton.edu
Office: 32 McCosh Hall

Susana Draper

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Office Hours Spring 2018: by appointment via WASS

Periods: twentieth century


Phone: 609-258-4029
Email: sdraper@princeton.edu
Office: 124 East Pyne

Karen Emmerich

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature.

Office Hours Spring 2018: Spring Term Leave

Periods: nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century

Phone: 609-258-0841
Email: karene@princeton.edu
Office: 035 East Pyne

Thomas Hare

  • William Sauter LaPorte '28 Professor in Regional Studies. Professor and Chair of Comparative Literature

Period(s): Classical and Medieval (Japan), Ancient (Egypt)

Languages: Japanese, Chinese, French,...

Phone: 609-258-7202
Email: thare@princeton.edu
Office: 113 East Pyne

Daniel Heller-Roazen

  • Arthur W. Marks '19 Professor of Comparative Literature and the Council of the Humanities. Professor of Comparative Literature.


  Research Interests: Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Poetics, Linguistics

Phone: 609-258-2878
Email: dheller@princeton.edu
Office: 103 East Pyne

Erin Huang

  • Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature.

Office Hours Spring 2018: Wednesdays 1:30 - 2:50 PM, and by appointment

Periods: Twentieth century to...

Phone: 609-258-5547
Email: huange@princeton.edu
Office: 236 Frist Campus Center

Lital Levy

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Periods: 19th-21st century  Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Anglophone

Phone: 609-258-4089
Email: lital@princeton.edu
Office: 123 East Pyne

Alexander Nehamas

  • Edmund N. Carpenter II Class of 1943 Professor in the Humanities. Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature.
Periods: Antiquity, 19th and 20th centuries

Languages: Classical Greek and Latin, French, German

Phone: 609-258-4309
Email: nehamas@princeton.edu
Office: 120 1879 Hall

Eileen Reeves

  • Professor of Comparative Literature.

Periods: Early Modernity

Languages: French, Italian

Research Interests:...

Phone: 609-258-4266
Email: ereeves@princeton.edu
Office: 125 East Pyne