Core Faculty

April Alliston
Office Phone
109 East Pyne


Office Hours Spring 2024: Thursday afternoons, 3:00-5:00, and by appointment

Periods: Eighteenth century British and European literature

Languages: English, French

Research Interests: theory and history of narrative and the…

Wendy Laura Belcher
Office Phone
105 East Pyne

Periods: medieval and early modern British and African literature

Languages of research interest: Gəˁəz, Amharic, French, Hausa, Anglophone

Research interests: early African literature, African language literature, African literature in English; African discourse and…

David Bellos
Office Phone
330 East Pyne


Office Hours Spring 2024: Monday 2:30 - 4:00 PM and by appointment             

Period(s): Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Languages: French, with ancillary interests in German, Russian and Balkan literatures

Sandra Bermann
Office Phone
107 East Pyne

Periods: Twentieth century, early modern period (especially lyric poetry)

Languages: French, Italian, Latin

Research Interests: translation, literary theory, twentieth-century French and Italian literature (particularly poetry), comparative literature,…

Joshua Billings
Office Phone
164 East Pyne

Periods: Greco-Roman antiquity, modern Europe

Language(s): Ancient Greek, Latin, German, French

Research Interests: Tragedy, Intellectual History, Reception Studies, History of Scholarship

Claudia Brodsky
Office Phone
135 East Pyne

Office Hours Spring 2024: By Appointment

Periods: seventeenth century to present

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Research Interests: Literature and Philosophy, including Lyric Poetry and Poetic Theory, seventeenth century…
Marina Brownlee
Office Phone
342 East Pyne

Office Hours Spring 2024: Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00 - 1:30 PM and by appointment

Period(s): Medieval and Early Modern Iberia

Languages: Spanish, French, Italian

Research Interests: medieval and early modern literature and theory

Benjamin Conisbee Baer
Office Phone
104 East Pyne

Periods: Modern and Contemporary

Languages: Bengali, German, French

Research Interests: Marxism, Deconstruction, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Translation Problems, Subaltern Predicaments

Office Hours Spring 2024:  Tuesday, 11am…

Maria DiBattista
Office Phone
32 McCosh Hall

Office Hours Spring 2024:  Spring Term Leave

Periods: twentieth century

Languages: Italian

Research Interests: twentieth century literature and film, the European novel and narrative theory; British literature; contemporary literature and…

Susana Draper
Office Phone
124 East Pyne

Office Hours Spring 2024:   Academic Year Leave   

Karen Emmerich
Office Phone
035 East Pyne

Office Hours Spring 2024: 

My office hours will be on Tuesdays 12 to 1PM, on Zoom.  And you can set up appointments using Bookings

Periods: nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century

Languages: Greek, English, Turkish

Thomas Hare
Office Phone
113 East Pyne

Period(s): Classical and Medieval (Japan), Ancient (Egypt)

Languages: Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Middle and Late Egyptian

Research Interests: Japanese Literature and Drama, Buddhism, Ancient Egyptian Writing and Representation

Office Hours Spring…

Daniel Heller-Roazen
Office Phone
103 East Pyne

 Research Interests: Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Poetics, Linguistics

Daniel Heller-Roazen is the Arthur W. Marks 1919 Professor of Comparative Literature and the Council of the Humanities. He is the author of 

Lital Levy
Office Phone
123 East Pyne

Periods: 19th-21st century  Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Anglophone

Research Interests: Comparative literature, cultural studies, critical theory, intellectual history

My work strives to decolonize my main areas of study: comparative literature and Jewish…