Marie Sanazaro

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Research Interests: Marxism and critical theory, the 19th century English novel, sexual violence

Marie works at the juncture of the English philosophical and literary tradition and a critique of capital for which England is the original exemplary case. Her dissertation-in-progress, “Common Sense: Reflections on Anti-Dialectical Thought,” reads 18th century English common sense discourse as a critique of thought’s abstraction from common life and practice, and certain 19th century English novels as responses to this discourse’s attempt to reconcile thought with common life and practice. She also has an interest in connections between epistemologies of sexual violence and narrative procedures that are realist both in the political and the literary sense. She received her B.A in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2015.


“On the Recessive ‘Reality’ of Rape,” annual conference of the UC Berkeley Department of German: “Affective Realisms,” Spring 2019. 


Assistant Instructor, ENG 308: American Cinema (Diana Fuss). Princeton University, Fall 2020.

Assistant Instructor, PSY/HUM 210: Foundations of Psychological Thought (Susan Sugarman). Princeton University, Spring 2019.

Assistant Instructor, COM 300: The Junior Seminar (April Alliston). Princeton University, Fall 2018.  

Co-Instructor, Feminist Philosophy. South Woods State Prison, Spring 2018.  


Co-organizer, annual Comparative Literature conference. The Secret Life of Crowds: Gender, Sexuality, and the Masses. Princeton University, Spring 2018.

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