Peter Makhlouf

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Peter Makhlouf received his BA in Classics (Greek & Latin) from Brown University in 2016, before moving to Berlin to study German-Jewish thought broadly, Kafka’s literary rapport with Zionism particularly. His studies revolve around the genealogy of three concepts—exile, orientalism and Zion—from classical antiquity until today. Contexts increasingly central to his work are archaic Greece, Augustan Rome, the Graeco-Arabic middle ages, the Habsburg fin-de-siècle and 20th c. comparative modernisms. Further fields include: philologies; language and political economy; the history of mimēsis; the politics of opera; Heidegger & Lacan; poetry and criticism of Adūnīs.

Languages: Ancient Greek, Arabic, French, German, Latin


“Ad Astra: Imperial Mythology from Egypt to Rome” in progress (co-written with Prof. J.D. Reed of Brown University)

Translation of “‘Dissertatio medica de nostalgia oder Heimwehe’ (Johannes Hofer 1688)” with critical introduction “The Pain of Homecoming” forthcoming in History of the Journal of Psychology

“The End of Intellectuals” Radical History Review 134

Selected Presentations:

“Pasolini’s Orient-ation” Harvard University Chiasmi Conference: pensieri e pratiche italiane di sovversione culturale (April 2019)

“(Dis)orientation” Place of Concepts Roundtable, Princeton Dept. of Comparative Literature (February 2019)

“La communaute desorientée” Princeton Dept. of Comparative Literature Writing Colloquium (December 2018)

“There is no such thing as the East”: The Lacanian Orientations of Edward Said” Psychoanalysis in Our Times Conference, Gdansk, Poland, (October 2018)

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