Wyatt Leaf


Research interests: Modernist and Avant-Garde poetry and prose, Mexican Modernism, Parnasse, Decadentism, Symbolism, Pan-Hispanism, Experimental fiction

Languages: Spanish and French

Wyatt Leaf is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature, specializing in French and Hispanic literature with an emphasis in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is interested in decadent literary movements from the turn of the century in both Spanish America and France. Currently, his work deals with Mexican modernist and avant-garde literature from the early twentieth century, including its abundant communication with French literary movements of the same period.

Beyond research and literary criticism, Leaf has a passion for instruction, teaching both Spanish and French language courses at Princeton.

Leaf originally hails from the Central Valley of California, where he acquired his taste for language and literature. In 2020, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in French and Hispanic letters from Stanford University, graduating with honors and distinction.