Xita Rubert Castro

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cxcastroXita Rubert is a writer and PhD candidate in Comparative Literature. Before joining the department, she studied philosophy and literature in Spain, England and France. At Princeton, she is working to expand the ideas explored in her undergraduate thesis: “How (and Why) Not to Be Yourself: Literature and Impersonality in Borges and Proust.” Rather than an expression of the self, she is interested in literature as an urgent, even politically relevant, rehearsal of being another: she aims to unveil a tradition of versatile writers –from Plato to Clarice Lispector– who theorize about, and embody, this rehearsal in their fiction.

Xita has been the recipient of a playwriting and short story awards in Spain and France, and continues to develop her creative practice alongside her academic research.

Research interests: Philosophy and Literature (Aesthetics; Plato and Modernism; Exophonic and Multilingual Writers); Literature and Medicine; Film.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician (native), English, French, Italian, Portuguese.

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