Undergraduate Program


Welcome to the Department of Comparative Literature! Our department trains students to explore across languages and cultures.  If you are an undergraduate with creative international interests, you will find an intellectual home in the Department of Comparative Literature.

On these pages, prospective majors will find information about the discipline of Comparative Literature, the types of careers that graduates pursue, and how to embark on the major (see the menu on the left).  Prospective and current majors will find information about this flexible and capacious major, including the program of study, courses, funding, deadlines, and events. If you are interested in discussing how your interests might align with the department, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

“What the department of Comparative Literature offered then, and offers now, is an unparalleled introduction to, and deep journey into, the greatest, most complex, and enigmatic expressions of human feeling and thought in nearly all imaginable languages from Homer onward.”  David Remnick ‘81, editor of the New Yorker and a Princeton Comparative Literature major.