Declaring COM as Your Concentration

  1. If you can, attend one of the Open Houses or other COM declaration events. If you can't make any of these sessions, feel free to email the Director of Undergraduate Studies to schedule an appointment during office hours. The DUS really loves to chat with those interested in majoring in Comparative Literature, whether first- or second-year Princeton students, so don't hesitate to make an appointment.  
  2. Make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisite; namely, that you will be able to take a non-English language literature course at the 200 level or higher by the fall of your junior year. 
  3. Declare your departmental concentration on TigerHub in your sophomore year (when Tigerhub allows), but definitely by the end of the third week of April (deadlines vary by year).  
  4. Meet with the DUS individually in person or on Zoom to go over your course selections. You must take COM 300 in the fall of your junior year, unless you are abroad, in which case you may take it in the fall of your senior year. 
  5. After you declare COM as your major, you must complete your Department Academic Planning Form(s) (DAPF) in TigerHub by the late April deadline. 
  6. The DUS will review your course plan and approve it DAPF within the next day or two, unless they find problems, in which case they will email you. 
  7. Register for fall courses within the next five or so days, by the late April deadline. 
  8. If you have any questions regarding this process, you may also contact the Undergraduate Administrator.