Spring 2020 Courses

Spring '20

Beastly Tales
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium 
Nature vs. Culture: A European Problem
Interpretation: The Problem of Context
Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Seminar in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature: Writing the People in 19thC France
Postwar Japanese Narrative: Modern to Postmodern
Myth, History, and Contemporary Experience: Modern Greek Poetry in a Global Context
One Text, Many Angles: Merchant of Venice
Practicing Translation
Studies in the English Novel: Surprised by Passion
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Culture and Revolution in the Modern Middle East
South Asian American Literature and Film
Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence and the Arts
Middle High German Literature II: Gender, Sanctity, and Popular Piety in the Middle Ages
Afterlives of the Artists
Learning Shakespeare by Doing
Music through Fiction
Gender and Sexuality in African History
The Contemporary
Cultures at Play: The History, Aesthetics, and Theory of Games
East Asian Humanities II: Traditions and Transformations
Topics in Comparative Literature: On Collecting: Anatomy of an Obsession
Literary and Cultural Theory: Cartographies of the Image in the 21st Century
Dangerous Bodies: Cross-Dressing, Asia, Transgression
Writing Istanbul: City of Doubles
What is Vernacular Filmmaking? - Rhetoric for Cinema Studies
Language & Subjectivity: Theories of Formation
Early 17th Century: Polyglot Poetics: Transnational Early Modern Literature
Creative Writing (Literary Translation)
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and Cinema
New Diasporas: Black British Literature
The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages
Luso-Brazilian Seminar: Clarice Lispector: 100 years
Realism and Representation: Forms of Fiction
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Happy Endings and the Politics of Affirmation. From Homer to Hollywood