Fall 2022 Courses

Fall '22

Script Theories: Korea, East Asia, and Beyond
Introduction to Critical Theory: Politically Red
Arabs, Jews, and Arab-Jews in Literature, History, and Culture
Militarized Aesthetics: War, Image, Asia
Jurjanian Poetics
Seminar in Golden-Age Literature: The Politics of Reading and the Dangers of the Text
Topics in Critical Theory: Comparative Literature Writing and Dissertation Colloquium
Contemporary Critical Theories: To Excess
Early 17th Century: Polyglot Poetics: Transnational Early Modern Literature
Philosophy of Art: The Idea of a 'Religion of Art' in the 19th and 20th Century
Seminar in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature: Readings in the 20th Century Novel
Publishing Articles in Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Introduction to Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature Graduate Pedagogy Seminar: Radical Pedagogies
Modern Hebrew Literature: A Historical Introduction (LA)
Topics in London: Writing, Belonging, Voice (LA)
Vladimir Nabokov (LA)
Translation, Migration, Culture (SA)
Films about the Theater (LA)
The Bible as Literature (LA)
On the Edge of Authoritarianism: Literature and Politics in the Modern Mediterranean (SA)
Sex, Gender, and Desire in Francophone Africa (CD or LA)
Contemporary Latin America in Literature and Visual Arts (CD or LA)
Great Books from Little Languages (CD or LA)
Literature and Photography (LA)
Cosmopolitan Her: Writing in Late Capitalism (CD or LA)
The 'Hidden Causes' of History: Integrating the Social and the Economic (HA or LA)
Philosophy of Art (LA)
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Faust and the Terror of the Modernity (LA)
Cultural Systems: Proust, Freud, Borges (LA)
Literature and Politics in Latin America (LA)
Bodies of Evidence--Premodern Iberia and the New World (LA)
Nietzsche (EM)
Contemporary Literary Theory (LA)
Advanced Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and Cinema (LA)
Theory and Methods of Comparative Literature: Critical and Literary Theory (LA)
Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature (LA)
Myth and Mythography in the Early Modern World (LA)
East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations (EM)
Read Like an Egyptian (LA)
Theater and the Plague (LA)
Creative Writing (Literary Translation) (LA)
What is a Classic? (CD or LA)
Thinking Translation: Language Transfer and Cultural Communication (LA)

Spring '23