Prize Winners

Comparative Literature Senior Thesis Prize Awardees

Taylor Yoonji Kang (2019)

“ALL MEN BY THEIR VERY NATURE REACH OUT TO KNOW”: Towards an interpretation of hands in Renaissance and Baroque artistic culture

John William Hoffmeyer (2019)

Toward a Poetics of Building: An Essay on the Dialectics of Form in Romantic Poetry and Song

Magdalena Clare Duncan Collum (2018)

Omnis Celestis Symphonia: Conceptions of Harmony in the Thought and Music of St. Hildegard of Bingen

Logan Mackenzie Ruth Sander (2018)

TOWARD A CRITICAL PLURALISM: Godot's Journey in the People's Republic of China

Tess A. Bissell (2017)

Princeton Inside/Out: Lessons from the Prison Classroom

Lara M. Norgaard (2017) Honorable Mention

States of Discourse, Traces of Crime: Detective Fiction and the Social Construction of Memory in Post-Dictatorship Brazil and Argentina  

Whitney Sha (2017) Honorable Mention

How to do Things with Names

Helena Elisabeth Ord (2016)

Reading the Nibelungen Women: Signs of their Times in the Thirteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Helen Greene (2015)

From Layla to Shab and Noche: The Literary Influence of The Thousand and One Nights in Spain and Persia

Jessica Christine Blake (2014)

Diary Afterlives: Representation, Misrepresentation, and Manipulation in the Diaries of Thomas Turner, Virginia Woolf, and Les Frères Goncourt

Christina Eugenia Perruccio (2014) Honorable Mention

The Pleasure in Power: A Socio-linguistic and Musical Study of Rap Music in the United States and France

Nellie May Pickett Peyton (2014) Honorable Mention

Translating Translation: A New Approach to the Bilingual Postcolonial Text

Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen (2013)

In Pursuit of the Child at Play: A Dynamic and Dangerous Myth of Modern Life

Emma Watt (2013) Honorable Mention

Hybrid Texts and the Great Globe Itself: Shakespearean Afterlives in Modern Latin America

Francesca Furchtgott (2012)

"In the Beginning, All the World Was America:" Musical Theater and the Shaping of American Identity

Alana Tornello (2012)

To Dream the Impossible Regime: Utopia from Page to Public Square in the Italian Risorgimento, the Russian Revolution, and the Egyptian Arab Spring

Nicholas Hybel (2012) Honorable Mention

Political Beauty: Aesthetic Political Theory in Machiavelli, Nietzsche, and Heart of Darkness

Michelle Joseph (2011)

Reading the Poe-tic "Art" of Murder and Drawing Geometric Conclusions in Walsh’s Variaciones en Rojo

Ting Bok (2011) Honorable Mention

The Self Reflective Actor: Literal and Figurative Mirrors in and between Eileen Chang’s Se, Jie and Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution

Devin Blair Kennedy (2011) Honorable Mention

Contested Body: Identity, Anatomy, Sign

Alexandra Jayne Dantzlerward (2010)

Georg Lukács on the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel: A Logical Amendment

Paavana Lakshmi Kumar (2010)

Musical Alchemy, Temporal Analogy: The Hidden Compositional Models ofThe Magic Mountain and Doctor Faustus

Anthony Audi (2010) Honorable Mention

William Blake’s Heaven and Hell in the American West: A Study of Dead Man’s Promiscuous Referentiality

Zachary Michael Wieder (2010) Honorable Mention

In the Shadow of Words: Three Modes of Literary Translation and the Bilingual Writer

Robert and Lynne Fagles Senior Thesis Prize Awardees

Helena Van Brande (2019)

Let Us Calmly Be Grass: Environmental Poems by European Women

Anna Zabel (2019) Honorable Mention

Through the Eyes of the Victim:  Depicting Women’s Trauma in Expressionist Theater

Nathan Phan (2019) Honorable Mention

“What Type of Asian Are You?” – Exploring the Asian American Experience Through a Deconstruction of Stereotypes in Type A

Alexandra Kiri Mendelsohn (2018)

Rylie Street

Emma C. Michalak (2017)

In the Garden

Andra Lee Bailard (2016)

I Seek a Dark and Quiet Stanza: Translation of Scapigliatura Poetry

Zoë Catherine Perot (2016)

The Black light: A Translation of Het zwarte licht by Harry Mulisch

Maeli Goren (2015)

The Story of Mamãe: An Original Play for Young Audiences Inspired by José de Alencar’s Iracema

Yessica Martinez (2015)


Amanda Devine (2015) Honorable Mention

The Blooming Sequence - Contemporary German Lyric Poets in Translation:

Marcel Beyer, Mirko Bonne, and Hendrik Jackson Translation and Critical Remarks

Patience Elizabeth Haggin (2014)

The Moonstone: Scenes from the Countryside.  A Translation and Study

William Turner Howard (2014)

Perpendicular Lives by Álvaro Enrigue with a Critical Afterword by the Translator

Lily Akerman (2013)

Something Rich and Strange: The Tempest with Humans and Marionettes

Ben Barron (2013) Honorable Mention

Silsie: A Theatrical Adaptation in English and French of the Novel Silsie by Marie Redonnet

M. Derek Gideon (2012)

Strange Land: Poems

Maria Luzarraga (2011)

Due Unto Others: A Play and Critical Afterword

Molly Silberberg (2011)

Moving Between the Lines: Directing the Ensemble in Caryl Churchill’s The Striker

Laura Parker Fletcher (2010)

After by Annie Saumont: A Translation

Anna Catherine Sheaffer (2010)

The Moth Collector: Short Stories

Comparative Literature Junior Paper Prize

Emily Spalding (2019)

A not so straightforward foreword: An analysis of Vladimir Nabokov’s enigmatic foreword to Lolita

Annalena Wolcke (2019)

The “Translation” of the MeToo Movement in Germany

Rosamond van Wingerden (2018)

Sappho’s Reproach of Helen: Emending a Lacuna to Understand Sappho Fragment 16

Caroline Stafford (2017)

‘Socrate est un chat’: Towards a Feminist Interpretation of Zoomorphy and Alteriority in Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinocéros

Joseph Gauvreau (2016)

Verse as Lyrics – Setting Poetry to Music in Renaissance France

John Colon (2015)

Bolaño’s Cognitive Mapping: Charting Globalized Space in 2066

Konstantinos Koutras (2015)

Postmodern Notions of the Author: The Case of Fan-fiction

Emily Tu (2015) Honorable Mention

Past, Present, and Future Images of Asian American Identity in the Contemporary

Asian American Graphic Narrative

Darya Koltunyuk (2014)

Reading through Music and Dance: Turgenev, Chopin, and A Month in the Country

Joel Newberger (2013)

The Manuscript History of Charles Olson’s “Letter 27”

Audrey Hall (2012)

A Tattered Copy of Eternity: Theories of Time in Borges’ Fiction

Emma Austenfeld (2011)

The Incompatibility of Masculinity and Love